One of the biggest questions we get is why we started living in a RV full-time? Some are so excited to chat with us and hear about our journey, others are very confused by our decision. For us the decision to live in a RV was a simple one. We wanted to travel, we wanted to save money, and we wanted to be home owners. RVing met all of our needs perfectly.

We started RVing after a long and grueling 2014 were we faced a host of health issues for both of us at the same time. In our marriage we were feeling we needed to get some of those “adult” goals marked off our list but finding we were spinning our wheels trying to reach that Pie in The Sky, The American Dream. So instead of spinning our wheels we put our wheels on the road and started traveling instead. We are able to keep our costs low, work towards become debt free and see the world as we do it.

Instead of waiting for retirement to see this beautiful planet we live on we are working hard to have an early retirement. And live a life that is full of adventures. This decision was perfect for us. God had a much bigger plan for us and we are so glad we listened to his guidance. We knew something big was going to happen in our lives but we had no idea it would involve downsizing our lives and traveling full-time.

This lifestyle is a dream come true and we hope you join us on the road by subscribing to our blog.

Don’t forget to live simply, dream differently and find your freedom!