We love working with brands and companies that help make life on the road easier. We believe is sharing brands that value quality and customers service. We want to make sure our subscribers see the only the best the travel industry has to offer. To work with us we have a price list that we can email to you with various options for us to work together. You can contact us at info@thefreedomtheory.com

Price list not have what you are looking for? Lets brainstorm some ideas that fit your brand and marketing needs!

We provide a personal vlog style review that makes us stand out compared to other vloggers/bloggers/influencers.Out style is to show things in action in our daily life giving the viewers a real life demo that isn’t stage. This way the video feels natural and is done with honesty and integrity.

Here is some of our work we have done with other companies to give you an idea of what we can provide your brand.

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