Making YouTube Work for You: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

Do you want to start a YouTube channel, but you don’t know where to begin? Have you started a channel already, but have found that many free resources are outdated or do not answer your questions? Are you not sure how to edit a video, find royalty free music, and avoid copyright violations? Do you want to spend less time editing and filming so that you can just live your life?

If so, this course is for you!

Course Information

Kali and I were in the same boat. We started traveling full-time in 2015 and decided to vlog our journeys. We were excited to do it, but we quickly found that:

  • Free resources were outdated or incomplete.
  • YouTube conferences were helpful but expensive.
  • Consulting was outrageously overpriced.
  • Paying people to do SEO was even more expensive than consulting, and didn’t give any tangible results.

We ended up paying a lot of money to experiment. We experimented with different tools, with paid SEO, with conferences, with books, and anything else we could get our hands on.

Before long we had spent much more money on those things than we would have on a good course (like this one!).

The problems I just described are ones that all new YouTubers face, but those of us who travel face additional challenges. Such as:

  • Uploading videos using cellular data or poor WiFi. (There was a two week stretch in Alaska where we had to either drive 45 minutes one way or run our generator all night just to upload a video!)
  • Balancing the joy of experiencing life and enjoying our travels against the stress of filming and editing videos.
  • Using apps to find out where good cellular data was, then driving there or setting up cellular boosters to connect to those towers.
  • And much more!

We eventually figured it out. Kind of. Over the last 4 years we’ve gotten better at YouTube/life balance, uploading videos, dealing with cellular boosters, finding good public WiFI, and so on.

In these last 4 years we’ve also received many questions about YouTube. In fact, we get far more questions about YouTube than we do about any other topic. Some people are just asking for advice, but many have asked us to make a course.

Over a Dozen Creators Agreed to be Interviewed for This Course

Here’s the problem, though. We don’t know everything there is to know about YouTube. Nobody does. They’re lying if they say they do. We’re very happy with our channel. We have over 27,000 subscribers and counting. Our analytics are very good. Subscriber count, minutes watched, viewer engagement, and viewer retention are all great. We have an awesome community through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Still, we don’t know everything.

So we thought, “Why should you just rely on us to share our knowledge?” After all, YouTube is massive and is constantly changing. So why not bring in other creators to share their knowledge and insight?

That’s why we decided to bring other creators into this course.

Lots of them.

Over a dozen, in fact.

We reached out to over a dozen creators and they agreed to be interviewed. Thirteen interviews are in the main course, and others are ready to go and will be added as bonus content for people who purchase the course.

Here’s a list of the interviews in the course:

  • Tom and Caitlin from Mortons on the Move. Topic: Camera Gear
  • Marc and Julie from RV Love. Topic: Work/Life balance
  • Nathan and Marissa from Less Junk More Journey. Topic: Building an audience and creating a community
  • Bryanna from Crazy Family Adventure. Topic: Creator Spotlight
  • Stacey and Gary from Pau Hana Travels. Topic: Creator Spotlight
  • Sandra and Luis from First Class Family Adventures. Topic: Mindset for YouTube.
  • Brian and Melissa from RVing with Tito. Topic: Content Strategy
  • Laura and John from Hebard Travels. Topic: Finding your niche.
  • Robert from Traveling Robert. Topic: Finding your video style and getting comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Chad and Tara from Changing Lanes. Topic: How to increase views and engagement.
  • Andrew and Rikki from Pullen on the Road. Topic: Starting a YouTube channel from scratch.
  • Jason and Rae from Getaway Couple. Topic: The Art of Storytelling
  • Jesse and Jenny from Outside Is Calling. Topic: Cinematography.

The range of information that these creators shared is breathtaking. We found ourselves taking pages of notes as we interviewed them. It was like getting several YouTube courses at once!

The information that they shared could be an entire course on its own, but with our course it is just bonus content. We build an entire YouTube course on top of the interviews.

What You Get When You Buy This Course

OK, enough hype. Let us tell you what you get when you purchase this course.

  • A lifetime membership to a group made up of others who have purchased this course. You can use that group to talk with us and your fellow creators.
  • Lifetime access to the course, including updates. (Note: We plan to release additional courses later; the lifetime access does not apply to all courses that we create, only to this one.)
  • Access to audio files of the interviews and certain content from the course. That way you can stream it as you drive or do stuff around the house.
  • Information on lots of topics that other courses usually don’t cover, such as:
    • Tips specific to travelers, such as uploading videos with cellular data and public WiFi.
    • Work/life balance
    • Preliminary work that needs to be done before you start your channel, such as branding and choosing a channel name that reflects your brand.
    • How to pick a domain name that works, and then register it without getting tricked into getting “upsold” with products you don’t need.
    • Tricks for cutting your editing time down from a full afternoon or evening to just a couple of hours.
    • Storyboarding videos
    • Breaking into niches that are already quite popular, such as DIY channels.
    • And much more!
  • Special discounts on future courses that we are launching. (Hint: We have two more courses in the works that are not related to YouTube.)
  • This is all in addition to the content that is directly related to YouTube. Believe me when I say that we don’t skip the YouTube fundamentals! This course is chock full of everything related to creating, maintaining, and growing a YouTube channel. You can see the entire course outline below.

Course Instructor

Josh & Kali Josh & Kali Author

Kali and Josh decided to “cheat life.” In late 2014 we had been married for 2 years and wanted to buy a house. Unfortunately, we were in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. We had been shopping for months, and everything we found that would work for us was over $500,000.

On New Years day, 2015, we were on vacation and were talking about our future goals. We just didn’t want to spend that much money in a house and be in debt for 30 years. We wanted to retire early and travel.

That’s when Josh got the idea to buy an RV instead of a house. He was already working remotely most of the time. We bought our first RV on January 15, 2015, and the truck on January 16. We were out of our condo and into the RV on January 31.

In June of 2015 Josh got permission to work remotely full-time. His boss told him to “do his thing.” On July 14, 2015, we hit the road and never looked back!

Kali already ran a beauty channel on YouTube. She also had a separate lifestyle vlog. When we started traveling she dropped the beauty channel and the lifestyle vlog became “The Freedom Theory.” We have been traveling and vlogging ever since then, and we have no plans to stop!

In February 2018 we started a new adventure, by adding a baby to our family. He’s our pride and joy, and he travels with us everywhere we go. He loves adventuring with his Mom and Dad!

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 30 day money back guarantee* from the time the course launches on February 25th. In other words, if you purchase today then the 30 day counter starts on the 25th.

*The 30 day money back guarantee is valid for 30 days or until you complete more than 66% (2/3) of the course, whichever comes first.

Still Not Sure If You Should Buy?

If you’re still on the fence, then head over to the free YouTube Mini Course. It’s about an hour worth of free content based on this course. No strings attached!

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Four Monthly Payments

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Get the course for $150 ($37.50 a month for 4 months) ONLY until Monday, February 25th, by using coupon code YOUTUBE25!

This special pre-launch discount ends at midnight MST on Monday, February 25th. Don’t miss out!

Purchase now to get:

  • Over 8 hours of video, including interviews with 13 creators.
  • Lifetime membership to a community for people who have purchased the course.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • And much more!

The sale only lasts until the course goes live on the 25th, so purchase now!

Course Outline

(The outline below might be restructured as we finalize the course. However, all of the content will be included.)

Welcome to the Course!

Our Story

Finding Your Why

Finding Your Niche

All About Branding

Choosing a Channel Name

Registering a Domain Name

Creator Spotlight

SEO Basics

YouTube Basics (Tutorials)

Camera Gear

Introduction to Audio Quality, Video Quality and Drones

Finding Your Video Style

Identifying Your Content Strategy

Getting Comfortable In Front of the Camera

Mindset for YouTube

The Art of Storytelling


Finding Royalty Free Music

Workflow and Editing a YouTube Video

Creator Spotlight

Uploading From the Road

This section does not have any lessons.

Building an Audience

Strategies for Increasing Engagement

Strategies for Increasing Views

Finding Work/Life Balance


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