10 Days In Valdez, Alaska, Part 2: Kayaking Valdez Glacier

Kali Kayaking at Valdez Glacier

Valdez, Alaska. Where to begin? The museums? The grizzly bear? The hiking? The pizza? Kayaking the glacial lake below Valdez Glacier? Argh! So many pictures, so little space!

Back in 10 Days In Valdez, Alaska, Part 1: The Drive we showed you pictures of, well, the drive. Now let’s show you Valdez itself!

We spent the first couple of nights on the side of the road, because it’s Alaska and you can. After that we moved the Valdez Glacier Campground. This is actually a military campground, but they allow the public to stay there for a slightly higher rate.

The location and price were great, but unfortunately the flies weren’t. It was in a dip so there was basically no breeze, and the flies swarmed every where! We couldn’t go outside at all, and if the door was open for even a few seconds flies got in. So that didn’t last long!

After a few days we moved down to the glacier itself. We had been hesitant to do that because of the loud noise from the quarry, but the view and lack of flies made it worth it!

View of the Mountains Across the Bay at Valdez, Alaska

Speaking of the glacier, we kayaked the lake at the bottom. That was by far one of our top experiences. We recommend that everyone do it. Just don’t fall in! There are ice bergs in the water. It’s that cold.

We do have some bad news, though. The ice cave that used to be in the lake is now gone. It caved in right before we got there. Global warming sucks.

By the way, something the tourist guides don’t show you is that glacial runoff is dirty! After all, the glacier is crushing rocks and dragging the debris with it. If you go to the right spots, though, you can find that blue ice you see so much of in picture of Alaska!

Aside from the glacier and the grizzly (which you will soon see), one of our favorite things to do was just walk around Valdez. There are beautiful hiking trails, but be sure to bring bear spray! The waterfront itself is beautiful, with gorgeous views and small shops and restaurants. There was a pizza place that we particularly enjoyed. It was even dog friendly!

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