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Neah Bay in the Morning

We hit the road full-time on June 12, 2015. We had lived in our RV full-time since January and had take a couple of short trips, but we had been tied to the Seattle area for several reasons.

On June 12 the last of our obligations were behind us. Our plan was to leave on June 13, but we couldn’t wait to get started so we hitched up and hit the road Friday evening! It was one of the least-planned trips that we have taken. We knew which RV park we were going to but they didn’t accept reservations. It was first-come, first-serve, in summer time in Washington, and we had no idea if there would be a spot for us.

The reason we wanted to start in Neah Bay is because Cape Flattery, which is just a couple of miles away, is the most northwestern point in the lower 48. We were told that it was beautiful, and we weren’t disappointed.

We left Renton, WA at around 4pm on Friday and started the 200 mile drive to Neah Bay. We took the shorter route which was to get on Highway 112 just west of Port Angeles. BIG mistake!! It is one of the curviest roads that I’ve been on, with no curb and the ocean on one side with a mountain on the other. I will say this, though: We got to see a beautiful sunset on the way!

Olympic Peninsula in the Evening
Olympic Peninsula in the Evening

It was pitch black by the time that we got to Neah Bay. I stopped in a gas station and asked for directions to the Hobuck RV resort. After getting them, we trucked on. When we got to the resort all of the staff was gone, so we just registered and put our money in the drop box. We then proceeded to try to find a spot.

That’s where things got confusing. Everyone was parked all over the place! There were tents, vans and trucks just spread all over. There were no designated sites, no hookups, no power, no water. We even saw one person who had plugged the power for his rig directly into a rat’s nest of wires hanging from a telephone pole! After circling the park about 3 times we gave up and decided to just sleep.

Kali started to heat up some supper and I walked back up to the check-in station. When I got there I saw this little sign, hanging underneath a bunch of other stuff, in a hard to see spot (at dark), pointing to the left (we had gone right), saying “RV Park 1/4 mile”.

I got back to the RV, told Kali what was going on, and off to the RV Park we went! By that time it was close to midnight. There were just a couple of spots left and we squeezed into one and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up to this:

Neah Bay in the Morning

It turns out that the RV sites at the Hobuck resort are right on the ocean! We were setup behind a few surfers who would walk out and ride the waves for a while, come back in to rest and get a drink, and then rinse and repeat. We were there for two days and it was one of the most peaceful experiences that we have had.

That night I went outside at about 2am. It was pitch black. No lights and no noise except for the ocean. I sat outside and just gazed at the stars until it got too cold. It was beautiful.

The next day we went to Cape Flattery. It was a moderate hike of about a mile to get to the most northwestern point of the continental United States. What an experience! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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