10 Days In Valdez, Alaska, Part 1: The Drive

Sunset at Thompson Pass in Alaska

We had originally planned to make Valdez our last stop before leaving Alaska, but poor cell coverage on the Kenai Peninsula forced us to change our plans. We had spent the 4th of July in Seward and loved it, but it had been almost impossible for Josh to work. So alas, we could not go further. What a bummer! The Kenai is one of the highlights of Alaska.

So on July 11 we changed our plans and headed straight to Valdez. Our journey starts on the drive.

If you’re driving to Valdez then you have by Glenallen. It’s a great little place to stop and get food and fuel. Just past there (heading to Valdez) there is a turnout. It’s secluded from the highway and has room for several RVs. There’s also great Verizon 4G, so we spent the night there.

And boy, were we glad we did.

That evening we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the Wrangell Mountains. I could describe it, but, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words! (Sorry that the quality of these pics is a little low, we were in a hurry and grabbed a camera that doesn’t do great in low light.)

The thing about Alaska is, just when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful sites nature has to offer, it throws something even more awesome you’re way.

The next day we spent a long time climbing steep grades, only to be greeted with Thompson Pass. Words can’t even describe the beauty. We parked the RV beside the road and just soaked in the beauty. And oh, there were lots of spots to boondock up there. We could have even gotten our 33 foot 5th wheel into many of them. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough cell coverage. Otherwise we would have spent days up there.

And finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Horsetail Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, just outside of Valdez. What a wonderful two views to wrap up two beautiful days of driving!

And so ends Part 1 of our trip to Valdez. Join us for Part 2 next!

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